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Don’t Be A Monster is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works alongside haunted houses throughout the U.S. We offer unique and entertaining anti-bullying assemblies in schools for students in 4th-10th grade.
 Our mission is simple: we work to educate and empower youth to be leaders in their school around diversity, inclusiveness, and show them how to stand up for their friends and peers. We focus on the choices a student can make when it comes to bullying. Further, we discuss how these choices will impact their lives as well as the lives of those around them. What makes Don’t Be A Monster unique is the way we deliver this message.

Our mostly free and low-cost bullying prevention program is delivered in the months of September through November, during National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month and the Halloween season. We have a unique mascot named Frank, entertaining presenters, and each student receives a wristband. Our program is highly effective: 98.21% of schools surveyed post-presentation find our material beneficial for their students. 

During our bullying prevention assemblies, students will be challenged to evaluate their understanding of community. We believe in a proactive approach. By reinforcing concepts like diversity, expanding their social circles, being a leader – we feel that bullying will occur less in schools. Additionally, students will leave the presentation equipped with the tools they need to have an educated and empathetic discussions with their peers.

Currently, our anti-bullying school presentations are held in the cities of Anderson, Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Kansas City, Kingston, Lake Charles, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Seattle, St. Louis, and Waukesha. If you’d like to see one of our presentations in a school or city near you or see how you can become involved with our organization, reach out to us at info@dontbeamonster.org.


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A special thank you to the Haunted Attraction Association for their continued support:

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