How Can I Get Involved in Don't Be A Monster?

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Without the help of individuals, business, corporations, and haunted houses, a lot of the bullying prevention work we do would not be possible.

We separate involvement into two levels: Supporting Organization and Partnering Organization.

To apply, our involvement application can be found here (application will open in a new window):



Join the ranks of dozens of Don’t Be A Monster supporters throughout North America. This level of involvement is perfect for organizations/individuals in the haunted industry who are looking to show their support for the program, but don’t have the time and/or funding to commit to the Partnering Organization level. As a Supporter, you determine your level of commitment. Supporters do it all from organizing fundraisers at their attractions to adding our banner on their website. Supporters are not able to put on actual Don’t Be A Monster assemblies in their area. 

Optional For Purchase: $250 Supporter Kit

Included in the Supporter Kit: two Don’t Be A Monster t-shirts of your choice, 10 Don’t Be A Monster wristbands, 5 patches, a pre-written press release for you to distribute to your community, a 6ft indoor/outdoor banner showing your support for the program, a fundraising informational sheet, a special listing on our website, as well as two donation bins if you choose to do additional fundraising. Additionally, Supporters will have the option to purchase additional Don’t Be A Monster merchandise at-cost after purchasing the Supporter Kit. E-mail Program Director Erin Kelley at to purchase or for more information. Or purchase the kit here.



When your haunted attraction becomes a Partnering Organization, you are truly the backbone of Don’t Be A Monster. Each year we accept applications for Partnering Organizations throughout North America, and the handful we select will take on the task (with our help, of course) of going into their community to put on our Don’t Be A Monster anti-bullying presentations. This is the most tangible way to have an impact in your community with bullying prevention. New Partners will be selected by August of each year for the upcoming fall season. 

You will work with us to schedule and execute presentations using the Don’t Be A Monster curriculum in your community. Our material has been proven effective and we have received extraordinary feedback. 99.23% of schools that have had our program find our material useful for their students. Don’t Be A Monster will work with you to facilitate the roll out of the program in your area and provide you with resources such as posters, Don’t Be A Monster merchandise (at a reduced cost), the complete “Frank” costume, our presentation, videos, our extensive list of PR resources, and the presentation guide. E-mail Program Director Erin Kelley at for more information. 

Important information for all participants:
All supporters at all levels must sign a license agreement to use Don’t Be A Monster’s likeness, logo, and materials.  Becoming a Supporting or Partnering Organization requires an application and interview process.  Not all applications for Partnering Organizations will be accepted.  Don’t Be A Monster reserves the right to revoke any licenses at any time.


Stay tuned! We are creating a street team kit this year, and we need your help. Follow us on Facebook for more information. 

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