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National Anti-bullying Organization Joins Rockland’s Educational Efforts

The Rockland Boulders have entered into a partnership with the national anti-bullying organization Don’t Be A Monster to help increase their “Boulders Against Bullying” initiative at select home games this season.

Anti-bullying campaign: Don’t Be A Monster 

San Antonio based crew discusses the Don’t Be A Monster program.

Don’t Be A Monster Anti-Bullying Campaign Joins Forces with National Haunted Houses

The Don’t Be A Monster (DBAM) program partners with local area haunted houses and area nonprofit organizations to deliver 45-minute assemblies to 4th through 9th grade students.

 Campaign Spooks Away Bullies This October

A monster named “Frank Shelly” is putting an end to bullying in schools across the country. 

 Don’t Be A Monster in Salt Lake City

Val Bagley, a cartoonist for “The Friend” and “New Era” magazines and set-designer for Nightmare on 13th Haunted House, is now touring schools in Davis and Salt Lake Counties with an anti-bullying message.

Clarkston High School Students Encouraged to “Stand UP” Against Bullying

The cast of Netherworld Haunted House visited ninth grade students at Clarkston High School on Tuesday, Oct 7 to deliver an anti-bullying presentation called “Don’t Be a Monster.” 


Springfield Haunted House Benefits Anti-Bullying Effort 

Sarah Berkley hopes the haunted house she’s constructing at her Springfield home — with such props as a handmade coffin, cage and stockade — can advocate against bullying and support people in need.


Top Haunted Houses in America Unite to Scare Away Bullies

“Jon, myself, and the other haunted house owners involved all have kids and this program is personally important to each and every one of us. We also all strongly believe in giving back to the community that has given us so much,” said co-founder, Chris Stafford. “We’re happy to spread this incredibly important message and support other anti-bullying organizations in the process. The students we reach will be informed, empowered, and entertained in a meaningful way.”


Fort Herriman Students Encouraged Not To Be Monsters

Photos from Fort Herriman presentation! 


Lithonia Middle School Promotes Anti-bullying Campaign

“The City of Lithonia is very excited to have this type of event at the middle school. We see reports every day on the news about the harm bullying causes our children,” Mayor Deborah A. Jackson said. “This type of event will increase awareness about bullying in a way the children can easily understand.”


Bullies Are Monsters

The star of the presentation was Frank Shelly, a Frankenstein-inspired young monster who suffers from bullying in school. Students watched a video about Frank being bullied. At the end of the video, students screamed as he appeared on stage. 


Erebus Owners Partner with Anti-Bullying Organization

Ed and Jim Terbus, owners and operators of the internationally-renown Erebus Haunted Attraction, located in Pontiac, have partnered with the anti-bullying nonprofit organization “Don’t Be A Monster” for their 2013 season.

Just In Time For Halloween

Just in time for haunted house season and National Anti-Bullying Month, a national campaign hopes to raise awareness about bullying.

Campaign Visits Peekskill Middle School

The program is part of a nation-wide campaign that aims to promote a safe learning environment while teaching students about the serious dangers of bullying.


Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses + Don’t Be A Monster Campaign

Don’t Be A Monster is an anti-bullying campaign to raise awareness of bullying by giving presentations to local schools.


Erebus Haunted Attraction and their Anti-Bullying Campaign

“I love scaring people, I love to create fear, but only here at Erebus. This is where the fear should stay — in a fun, controlled, safe environment. It’s when the fear happens outside that it becomes a real problem. When I was younger, I was a victim of bullying — other kids would say hurtful things and make fun, and I’ll never forget that because it causes so much hurt. No kid should have to be subjected to that and it’s an issue that needs to be seriously addressed,” said Ed.


Communities in School Atlanta + DBAM

The Netherworld Haunted House visited several of our partner schools with their powerful anti-bullying presentation.


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